Journey Of Song

For Life’s Transitions

Here you can read an excerpt and hear some of the music

I Have Loved You from the Start

Music continues to hold me and remind me that life is precious. Do you ever question your worth or wonder what your purpose might be in this world? As I was asking this question the following words (and song) came to me as an answer to my questioning. I invite you to see how it might answer your questions as well:

I have loved you from the start
I have held you in my heart
I have held you in my heart, loving who you are
I have held you in my heart, knowing that you are
All that I have is yours this moment.
As you open your heart you’ll be shown the way

Preview - "I Have Loved You From The Start"

by Azima

“Your book is beautiful! What a wonderful accomplishment to bring together beauty in words, and music and art in this way. I hope it gets to those many souls who can benefit. It is a gift for the world.”

-Gloria Deckro, Boston, MA