Journey of Song – Coming Home


The 2nd Book + CD in the series, Journey of Song – Coming Home offers a new songs and accompanying words to guide you to your heart’s home.


I’m Mary Azima and I would like to share how these songs came to be. I believe they are an angelic transmission.

A little over two years ago I was dismissed by my doctor and told to get my affairs in order because I would be dying soon of fourth-stage cancer. At that time, I was ready to die and almost longing for death — I was so close to it. My voice had slipped to a whisper. I couldn’t hold a pencil to write. I couldn’t even roll over in bed.

These songs brought me new life. I wrote the music as it came to me with the words as I heard them, words I needed to hear. Music and angels have been with me throughout my life. This time, however, in facing death, I have had the added support of a spiritual system called GPS code™ (God/Source Positioning System). In working with this system, my music and angels, my ego has stepped aside even more. As a result, I’ve begun guiding others to find their soul’s power through my music and the GPS code™.

As I share these songs with you, I invite you to join me, not in dying, but in living fully, being true to yourself, and sharing your soul’s gifts. May these songs guide you to your heart’s home.

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“Mary’s music is both ethereal and deeply grounding, bringing the listener home to the deepest parts of self. The intangible quality of her voice  creates frequencies that are deeply needed in the world at this time. Everytime I listen, I receive something new. Well done Mary, and the angelic choir you sing with!.”

Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND
Andrews Healing Arts Clinic

Sheet music for these tracks is available from our partners.