Rev. Mary Azima Jackson, MS, MDiv, DMin

Rev. Mary Azima Jackson, MS, MDiv, DMin


Mary Azima is devoted to guiding others on how to live an extraordinary life and how to face their mortality without fear. Her expertise focuses on music/sound healing, soul guidance, and ceremony. Her wisdom is hard won, having been diagnosed with an auto-immune diagnosis in her youth and, more recently, with stage four cancer. In both cases, she has been able to find healing in unusual places to beat the odds.

One of her main avenues to healing has been the power of music. She has found herself spontaneously writing songs that connect her with something greater than herself and she shares her music to support others with their own healing. Mary Azima is a certified Leader of the Improvisational Music Organization, Music for People. She has produced three CD’s, Journey of Song for Life’s Transitions, Angel Love, and Passages Through Light.

Mary Azima is an ordained Interfaith Minister with a Doctorate in Ministry from University of Creation Spirituality, Masters in Divinity from Yale Divinity School, and Masters in Biological Sciences from Fordham University. Chopra University recognizes her as a Vedic Master. She also worked as a chaplain in hospitals, providing spiritual support at the bedsides of those in the process of passing. Azima is Director of House of Light and one of the Deans and Trainers of the Awakening Awareness Academy.

While her faith is not bound to a single tradition, she believes deeply in the value of ritual and how it helps us make our lives sacred. To be in conversation with Mary Azima is to experience the light that shines through her being and uplifts and inspires all those who meet her.