Spiritual guidance to your soul’s

highest evolution

When you come to a crisis point in your health, whether it’s a sickness, end of life, or a pandemic, it’s a message to wake up. We can either stay in the old story or be open to a new one. Azima is the right Spiritual Director and guide for those who are genuinely prepared for the new story. Because we are more than these bodies or any diagnosis. Her services are for you if you are interested in exploring the greater spiritual meaning underlying your healing that will help you navigate the crisis with more peace of mind

Rev Mary Azima Jackson, MDiv, DMin, MS is here as an expert guide towards your higher consciousness. Through her core life experiences of Crohn’s disease and fourth stage cancer, Azima has been led from darkness into the light through an angelic presence that she now shares with others. Through her songs, words, and presence she serves as a conduit for the angelic light and love that holds us all — both in this life and into the next.

Soul Guidance GPS code™

Sound Journeys

Music is a direct means of reconnecting you to the spiritual realms. It can clear away, through vibration, what prevents you from receiving the light that is within. It is no longer about what we do, but who we are.

Through a sacred experience of song, Azima invites you to enter into your heart as you journey through life’s changes and transitions. 

These songs elicit and articulate feelings to which we can connect. They help us cross the bridge from the outside activity of our life to its inner core as we journey through the various stages of our life.

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“Music touches our innermost being and in that way produces new life, a life that gives exaltation to the whole being, rising it to that perfection in which lies the fulfillment of one’s life.”
Hazrat Inayat Khan

“Journey of Song for Life’s Transitions is a beautiful, small, precious, inspired book of great simplicity. Mary Azima shares with us in both words and music just enough of her remarkable life and experience to help others feel uplifted and loved as well.”
– Polly Memhard

“The offerings with your voice and accompaniment have such a quality of purity and sincerity and peace. It is very healing to hear; I hope that many will experience it and receive all the blessings of heart and soul that you have so intimately shared in your journey of life in the companionship of music.”
– Joan Allekotte, President of Surlaya Sangum

GPS Code™— to awaken your soul’s guidance

Like a car GPS you have your own internal navigation system. Once you connect with it, it activates the wisdom and internal guidance that is already within you. This includes an energy transmission for those who are seeking to be more and have more by removing roadblocks to your intuition and guidance.

An even more powerful combination of stepping into the new paradigm is through harnessing the technology of light therapy, which has been very effective on my own healing journey. This is facilitated through a non-toxic, easy to apply patch, which puts the power of self-healing into your hands. Learn more >

Join me for guidance on the journey to shift struggling in your life with issues that you are trying to figure out, to solutions from your soul’s guidance. Learn more >

“Azima’s professional expertise allowed me to receive the atunement openly and with complete trust. Her presentation was clear and concise as she shared the GPS backstory and concepts and taught me the practice. I needed no followup instruction and was immediately able to incorporate GPS into my personal evolution ritual. Of particular value is the opening assessment. To know where I am in relation to being 100% aligned with the Universe is a powerfully centering way to begin the day.”
– Suze Gilbert, Massage and Yoga Therapist

Spiritual Ceremony

Celebrate special turning points in your life. Over many years Azima has had the great joy to work with individuals, couples, and families to honor a marker with grace and ease.

Reach out for more information about creating a customized ritual or ceremony to mark special occasions and transitions in life, including significant endings and beginnings.

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“We have received numerous compliments on the ceremony; we cannot believe how amazing the whole day turned out and our highlight was the intimate and personal ritual of coming together as one that you so deftly helped us create.”
– Aja and Ben

“I am filled with joy and celebration for that very meaningful day. The whole occasion was facilitated by Mary whose calm and cool energy helped settle our firing nerves.”
– John and Sarah