Azima is one of the Deans and Trainers of the Awakening Awareness Academy for emerging entrepreneurs and pro-active spiritual seekers who are ready to embrace their soul power sovereignty.

Azima offers group and one-to-one spiritual facilitation to empower people to get in touch with their soul’s guidance. The intent is the awakening of people ready to embrace their God-given guidance and gifts.

This process goes beyond personal development and bypasses limited beliefs that keep you stuck. The goal is that you become empowered to access your soul’s guidance.

This program is for you if…

  • You are genuinely motivated and ready to make a commitment to get in touch with your soul’s guidance.
  • Listening with an open mind and heart is the only requirement.

How it works

The program consists of self-paced training, group meetings, and private sessions with Mary Azima, and personal self-study exercises to integrate what you learn. 

At each step of the way you will be guided by Azima based on your personal desires. 

Here is what you can expect at each step.

Step 1: Awakening

Held as a virtual retreat presentation where the five steps of the code are revealed and explained.

As with learning to drive a car, you receive a guidebook (aka permit), to lead you through the steps with a personalized guide, Mary Azima, by your side.

2-day virtual retreat

Step 2: Attunement

A customized energy transmission can be offered one-to-one, with a couple, or a small intimate group of friends who have participated in their own initiation.

Place keys in the ignition to turn on your vehicle. Your guide will run the sacred energy transmission with you and answer any comments or questions that come up.

Typically several sessions, from a day to no more than a week

Step 3: Activation

An individualized process — usually 1-2 hour session to be determined with you and Azima based on what is needed. 

As with beginning to drive a car, it is a one-to-one experience. Your guide, Mary Azima, will be in the “passenger” seat as you take an actual problem you are dealing with and run the Code yourself.  Your guide will oversee and offer suggestions for an empowered ride.

1-2 hour sessions

Sacred Celebration

After the initiation, if you would like a VIP experience, Azima can help you create your own unique sacred ceremony celebrating your completion of the GPS Code™ and providing an anchor for this meaningful rite of passage.

about the GPS Code™

“GPS” in the GPS Code™ stands for “God/Source Positioning System.” This is a spiritually transmitted, heart-based system developed by Dr. Tianna Conte Dubs in connection with William Dubs in spirit, as part of the Awakening Awareness Academy. Azima serves as one of the Deans and Trainers.

to register

You are welcome to register for the full program or to go at your own pace with one step at a time.  

Each Individual Step

The Awaken Your SoulPower Experience delivers a spiritually transmitted system that empowers you to dissolve self imposed limitations such as:

  • Reactive emotions that keep you trapped in low frequency living
  • Belief systems that disempower you
  • Traumatic wounds that keep you powerless
  • Mind chatter that keeps you stuck
  • Decision-making that is not Soul Aligned


To find out how this program can best benefit your next step

If you have questions, contact Azima to schedule a Discovery Call.